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Tue, Mar. 10th, 2009, 07:39 pm
pussygate: volume 2

oh, brit-brit: how i've missed her.Collapse )

Sun, Feb. 15th, 2009, 06:21 pm

Charm School 3: Proceed With Caution.Collapse )

Sat, Jan. 3rd, 2009, 08:12 pm
i still fancy that cat (as should you).

all honors go to jason for unveiling yet another inspirational jewel from the internet.

jason, visa vi linda, has introduced me to garfield minus garfield dot net. i have long suspected that garfield is nothing more than an elaborate figment of jon arbuckle's imagination; now there can be no doubt. validation, at last.

this revelation should not be misconstrued. this should not be taken as any sort of evidence that garfield is neither cat-a-tonic nor cat-tastrophe prone. furthermore, in a few years time, garfield will have every right to develop cat-aracts. this cat still indeed has claws, but they are not the talons of a ferocious sort so much as the encroaching pangs of an incipient loneliness. this also in no way portends that there shouldn't be a third or fourth garfield movie. the garfield merch machine should grind on, if nothing else but for cuteness' sake, but i am glad that jim davis' artistic masterstroke can now be properly understood.

p.s. cuteness-fiends would be loath to miss this!

Sun, Dec. 7th, 2008, 07:23 pm
frank zeidler should be on the twenty.

i was positively agog to discover that milwaukee was mentioned on perez hilton. riverwest hippies' latest scheming has merited its own entry on perez hilton dot com. our town hasn't received this much attention since randall simon bludgeoned that wiener.

in other news, if fonzie ever makes his way on to local currency, please save some for me.

Sat, Nov. 8th, 2008, 07:19 pm
a heartbeat away from the presidency...

i'm sure most of you heard about this already, as y'all are awesome and such, but this thrilled me:

openly transgendered man elected mayor in oregon.
i like his look. it gives me a tori-vibe.

...and with this i'm one step closer to the presidency.

Thu, Nov. 6th, 2008, 07:32 pm
i'm just as fun as karl rove and twice as sexy.

in the wake of obama's historical victory, i have to ask myself, what will become of my muse?Collapse )

Thu, Oct. 30th, 2008, 09:22 pm
that warm and creamy feeling.

you will all watch this video. you will all love it.

(if it doesn't work, go here.)


it's strange. i was oddly ambivalent towards the dresden dolls. despite listening to "first orgasm" on indefinite repeat and having spun "me and the minibar" about 100 times, i nonetheless had only a modest enthusiasm towards the dresden dolls. i even went so far as to tell people that they were the most original and interesting thing to happen to rock music in years. i genuinely believed that yet somehow i fell one baby step away from full musical swoon. no longer. you can listen to her album entirely on you tube, should you care to. i even played "the point of it all" to one of my coworkers. she liked it a lot, although she thought she sounded like a man.

Sat, Oct. 4th, 2008, 04:07 pm
Miss October

after years of anxious waiting, i have finally fulfilled my life's one true ambition: to be the Manic Panic Dye Hard of the Month!!!

graduating college, moving to Korea... these are but trifling accomplishments compared to this. it even trumps my recent successful use of a bidet. this is a big day. a big happy day, as my students would say.

i would like to thank everyone who helped me get to this point. to everyone who encouraged me to put on an extra coat of lipcolor, or recommended another strip of falsies, or simply demanded more, more, more makeup! even when my clogged, suffocated pores were screaming for me to stop... i thank you.

i supplied a brief write up to supplement my glamor. it afforded me not only the chance to loudly toot my own horn but to promote the cast (there's a link! i'm telling you, this is going to rake in ten's upon ten's of hits for the website... possibly less.) as well.

the curators of the website were so kind as to supply pictures of the many, many products i needed to make myself glamorous. aside from displaying the toolbox worth of makeup i needed to successfully put my face on, the display does a nice job of underscoring just how incredibly fake i am.

oh, happy day. oh, big, happy, smile day.

Sun, Sep. 21st, 2008, 06:00 pm
i hate sarah palin

i am slowly, gradually, acclimating to the sad prospect that john mccain is probably going to be our next president. palin successfully harnessed the media and obama's race raises the possibility of throwing a very tight race in mccain's favor. i suspect that most of you stateside feel the same way. in the meantime i would like to make something very, very clear to all of you:

i hate sarah palin.

it's true.Collapse )

Sat, Aug. 30th, 2008, 02:03 pm
sarah palin, how you thrill me.

i was elated to learn that john mccain picked harriet miers, excuse me, sarah palin, to be his running mate in the coming election. while it doesn't help that palin has publicly admitted that she is not entirely sure just what a vice president does, i do think that she'll provide a necessary counter point to mccain's permanently melted grimace that's sure to be plastered everywhere in a few weeks time.

while i'm pleased with plain's inclusion on the mccain ticket, i must admit that i am a bit puzzled. after all, we all know that republicans are incapable of seeing race or gender, and since her inclusion seems nakedly driven by a desire to lure the hillary vote and rehash the tiresome female vote v. black vote of the democratic primaries, i am unsure what to make of her inclusion on this ticket. as we all know, the female vote consists entirely of white women and their interests while the black vote consists entirely of black men and their interests, so this makes sense. as a gender blind republican, though, i am unsure how mccain arrived at this conclusion.

this seems like an appropriate strategy. miserly people might claim that this strategy serves to further nullify the already marginalized voices of minority women in our society, but what do they know? damn communists.

john mccain has repeatedly lambasted the obama campaign for a disconcerting lack of experience, so it makes sense that they'd place palin on the ticket. the forty four year old palin brings a wealth of experience to the table. she has many assets: she's a republican, she holds a place in office, she exists, however i find no asset to be greater than her pleasantly congenial appearance. like you, i found hillary clinton to be an insufferable bitch and sarah palin just looks more like the type of woman i'd like to see in office. i tired quickly of the endless parade of pantsuits in the clinton campaign and i'm glad to see that mccain's running mate is considerably less puffy. most importantly, palin seems to lack that awful knee fat that served to derail the clinton campaign.

this presidential race gets more exciting by the minute- i just can't wait to see how it ends!

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