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Sun, Jul. 22nd, 2007, 11:43 pm
lashes to lashes, dust to dust.

i was very sad to learn that tammy faye has passed. you can just imagine my astonishment- christ, i go to eau claire for one weekend and you see what happens. the routers article claimed that she was down to sixty five pounds when she died; i cannot fathom what kind of pain she must have been in. no one deserves that kind of suffering, not even jerry farwell (who subsequently fucked her over very badly pre-death). i hope that heaven is a big, bitchy circuit party in the sky and tammy's having the time of her life. if heaven's as A list as i hope it to be, she's surely chilling with all the other hip televangelists and laughing at falwell's bum ass from behind the pearly gates. yes, my idea of heaven is an exclusive dance hall where people found solace in other's misery. you'd think that would perturb me somehow but it really doesn't.

you may have seen the awesome doc the eyes of tammy faye. it's funny and moving and touching and scary and inspirational and depressing and great. if you catch it at the video store i can assure you that it is very much worth 78 minutes of your time.

i very much identified with tammy faye and while i don't know if i believe in her god i sincerely hope she went peacefully and painlessly. may she inherit the permanent fixture in gay history that she so richly deserves.